Eachine QX90 Review

This just arrived from Banggood a few days ago, and It’s great to fly! I had to flash a new version of cleanflight and ended up using luxfloat stock pids and it seems to respond very well. It was pretty windy out today, so some of this footage is fighting against the wind, but it […]

New website layout!

Watch this space for new product reviews, quadcopter information, troubleshooting tips and other gadget reviews.

“Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to log on to the remote computer xxx because its identity is not fully verified. Please enter new credentials”

If you login to many servers this might be irritating that remote desktop doesn’t allow you to save the password when you create an icon to connect. The following instructions will allow you to save the password in the remote desktop link so you don’t have to manually enter it every time. On the computer […]

Changing folder permissions on redirected desktop folders on SBS 2008

A handy wizard in Small Business Server 2008 allows you to redirect the users’ desktop folders the the server to they’re automatically backed up and you get features similar to roaming desktop where the user can login to any machine (that they have permission to login to) and see all their documents and settings. By […]

New windows drivers forum is up

To try to keep track of all the drivers for devices I have around the house, I’ve created a new forum to upload them so I can access them from anywhere. Just go to http://www.tektom.info to see the forums. I will also be adding other drivers I find around the office and home so that […]